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16 novembre 2008

Noir kennedy.


Do you know the shop Noir kennedy ? No ?

Man, you miss something !

Noir kennedy has three shop, two in Paris and one in Bordeaux. If you are in Paris a day, go to Noir kennedy, you will see, it's very rock and cheap. You have brand as April 77, Cheap Monday, Hells Bells, Members Only, Levis and many others...

Do you like ?

Go to : 22, rue du Roi-de-Sicile, 75004 Paris.
or here.

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Roche by Kavinsky.


New song in the kavinsky's myspace, the remix of Roche of Sebastien Tellier.

Still a beautiful song, in the hype of the french touch.

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15 novembre 2008

Guy, you are welcome.


Hello man, hello girl.

You are welcome on Lookthisbook,

But what's it ?

Lookthisbook is a canalblog write in english by a french who want to share what he likes.

Why in english ? You are so bad in french ?

Not enough to be incapable of writing in french but I find interested to you and me.

Why ?

Because we are in a universe more and more touched by the globalization and it's a way to share this language next to school.

Share this language, of course but what else ?

Music, cinema, clothes and many others are for the program.

I see, and who are you ?

A student who is 17 and wants to come in an Art School in two years.

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